Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jesus and Heaven in the same night, wow :)

Sometimes it is nice to discover some new serene and romantic places. This is the Moonlight Teahouse which has a lovely garden and worth a visit.

We almost didn't see the special visitor who was watching us from the distance. His name was Jesus. He did not say hello nor blink his eyes and I swear he looked like an anime character I know from somewhere. Who knows it was Jesus and how often do you meet Jesus right here in SL?

Our evening had just begun and we rescued a Newbie from drowning herself in the salty sea near the garden. Maybe Jesus told us to do it, since we were just sitting there daydreaming away.
So, we took our new friend to GIZZA to get some fantastic clothes like the dress I am wearing and then it happened...Micheal was suddenly in Heaven.
Another Newbie...naked...there...right in front of Micheal. His tux was full of magic tonight....LOL
We finished our night at Serenity Gardens that needs to be explored a little more...much calmer here.