Sunday, August 20, 2017


at the cemetery 
If you have a little time, I recommend vising the sim Yasminia. This is a peaceful coastal place with plenty of country charm as well. I would say a photographer's paradise.
Come and visit the small chapel and the cemetery, it is very peaceful. 
Cemeteries by Alessio Tummolillo
I kill time in cemeteries. 

Sticky, humid cemeteries in the summer.
Golden, dead cemeteries in the fall.
Barren, watchful cemeteries in the winter.
Greeting the new dead in the spring.

When I have time to kill, I do it in mausoleums, sepulchers, graveyards.
I use, abuse, and muse over the refused, when I have time to kill.

To remind myself I’m alive.
To remind myself I’ll die.
To remind myself to remember I’ll be forgotten.
To remind myself I’ll be
      Reduced to ashes
      Behind marble plaque
      Thrown in the sea,
      Where I’ll rest for eternity.

Just to remind myself I’m not alone.
That we’re all headed to the Sunset Limited.

I plan to return here very soon and take some more photographs of this beautiful place.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

I like it when you smile...

... but I love it when I am the reason.

There is this certain feeling at times that brings us back to the first time we started being together and how people somehow wanted our relationship to break up. It is that Schadenfreude that so many enjoy and we all have been there in one way or another because it is part of Human Nature.

Taking pleasure in someone else’s pain – no matter how subconsciously we do it, isn’t something you’re meant to admit to. Yet it’s become an endemic part of human nature. Social media sites wouldn’t exist if we didn’t feel constantly compelled to mark our achievements – professional and personal – against other people’s. And if you set the bar for your own success against other people’s achievements then it stands to reason that you measure your failures against theirs.
I hate to disappoint all of you on that because we are stronger than ever together. We do not listen to village gossip.

Friday, August 18, 2017

We flocked around....

Candi, Dev, Dani and Anj
I guess Dani did not understand the saying: "Don 't flock with the Flamingos", and was ready to take one home with her.
I want to thank the Rhodes-Lescher family for stopping by the Retreat and hunting down the blue Flamingo. Nazil was very fast indeed. :) 

Special thanks to Kylie and Mickey who went exploring. DJ Dandy and Miss Deb for their kind visit. Candi always as sexy as can be made it so much more fun. Dev and Dani you two are a ton of fun to have around. And last but never least a big thanks to Greg who puts up with all my crazy ideas like this one for putting out 148 flamingos all over the yard.
The Rhodes-Lescher Family

Kylie and Mickey found the blue flamingo

It was such great fun and we will most definitely have more events coming up here at the Retreat. Fall is around the corner and all the trees will be transformed which is a beautiful sight to see and such a great photo opportunity.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Always an adventure...

One thing I can count on it has always been an adventure with you and that is a good thing. We had so much fun just relaxing in our pool after the big "Mile High Club" Party.

If you missed that special set at the Basement Club, don't worry we will have more coming. Usually, there is one special theme per month. You can always catch us here Friday, Saturday, and Sundays for fun and laughter.

Here are some highlights from the clouds above...
Flight attendant Deb was busy entertaining the Pilot and Co-Pilot. Captain Jack waiting for his personal flight attendant Shy to arrive and Candi was praying that the plane won't go down.

Protected by some naughty angels, we can begin the descent to the ground.

Time to put on the parachutes because as soon as the set is done, we are all going down.

I think this was a lot of fun, nobody got hurt and we all made it back down to the ground. Don't miss the next BIG adventure at the Basement Club...look for announcements at the Club or join the group.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

We've been flocked!!! Open House @ the Retreat

We are so excited that the new House at the Retreat is finally all set up and ready to show to all our friends and the rest of the second life community.

August 16, 2017
8-10 PM SLT

We will be here to greet you.
Come party with us as you walk around the Retreat and see the more than 100 flamingoes. They will all fly away soon, so this is a short event.

There will be ONE blue Flamingo that is packed with some gifts for you. So hurry and stop by. The blue one will not be out until Wednesday itself.

We encourage you to come and take pictures and post them in the Retreat Flickr Group. Never know I might just pick a winner for an additional gift.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"Killer" and my road trip!!!

It was time for s short road trip with "Killer" and myself. We all need some maintenance and Killer needed some new tires. I stopped at this fine garage to get him serviced.

Here are a few mental and physical self-care ideas you can (realistically) incorporate into your day:
  • Take 3 deep breaths when feeling stressed
  • Get 15 minutes of sun on a lunch break 
  • Have a quick, 20-minute nap to recharge the mind
  • Journal your thoughts for 15 minutes a day
  • Watch your favorite funny YouTube video for a midday laugh
  • Listen to your favorite music for 20 minutes. No texting or browsing — just you and the music.
  • Meditate for 10 minutes a day. Clear your mind. Don’t hold onto or push any ideas away — accept them and move on. 
  • Go on a 30-minute walk. Notice the world. Notice the part you play in it.
  • Drink more water by keeping a bottle at your desk and always refilling when empty.
  • Take a relaxing bath instead of the usual quick shower. Make it an affair. Light candles, play music, prepare a book you don’t mind getting wet.
I saved you :)

Mile High Club Party

This will be a lot of fun and everybody is invited to come by the Basement Club and use the special teleport that will take you up into the clouds into the "Mile High Club" where we will party.
Sunday, August 13, 2017
6-8 PM SLT

We will play the Travis Train Game (Travis Plane Game on this day ) for some Linden cash...also we will have a contest for those with the best contest of either wings, pilots, flight attendants or anything else that has to do with flying. Be creative.

There will be a parachute to grab and then at the end of the set we do the countdown 5,4,3,2,1 and parachute down to the Basement...all of us together. Should be a great sight.