Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Titanawak is a huge boat frozen in time and ice. Come and have a drink at the bar with friends, a talk by the fireside, have a dinner, dance, play the piano for your lover, relax in the lounges, games room, library, bedroom or pool. Learn the exhibited artwork, the museum dedicated to the Titanic memorabilia. Explore the sea ice, icebergs and their secret places.

I enjoyed this very "cool" place. I will be back for sure, because there is much to see behind those icebergs.

Beware of the cold climate...it may take you over.

It was funny in away and I did not get any pictures of this, but there was this guy and Micheal who challenged each other for a dance off. What people do when they are cold. Needless to say it was pretty funny and I cannot decide the winner here at all. Perhaps they need to have an official dance-off. What do you think?