Monday, September 28, 2015

Second Afterlife Cemetery

I stumbled upon this cemetery here in Second Life and spend a good hour looking at the graves.

The Second Afterlife Cemetery is a quiet, park-like setting with sounds of nature and soft music, which make it the perfect place to make a memorial for your loved ones from Real Life and Second Life.

Here is one note of the graves...I do this often in Real Life when I visit a grave that just speaks out to me I stand there for a moment.This one seemed to say hello to me.

18th December 2014
RIP Zoey Allstar
My Dear Friends
If you are reading this, then it means that I am no more in Real life or Second Life.
I have left instructions with Nikky & Sarah for what I want to do here in Second Life, and how I want to be remembered.
I never married in real life, but back on 18th August 2009, I married my Love here in Second Life.
Jonn you have been in my heart since the day we meet at the bar. I love all the time we spent together and all the messages and emails we shared.
I still remember the day we married like it was yesterday, and not 6 years ago.
I still love you now, even though I have not seen you for a long time, but your voice is still with me.
My Darling Jonn, be happy in both Second Life and Real Life.
Kiss Poppy for me & go for a walk on the beach with her and watch the sunset and think of me.
Nikky, Vanessa & Rose. I love all 3 of you like we were sisters and I miss you all.
Be happy and remember me laughing!
I've asked Nikky to help Sarah (my sister in law) put together something to remember me here in Second Life when the time comes, as I was so happy here with you, my friends.
Remember me with Laughter 
Remember me with Joy 
Remember me with a Tear in your Eye 
Remember me and be Happy You Knew Me
If I can come back as a ghost, be sure I will haunt SL!

I was deeply saddened visiting this place, but also very grateful to the Second Life we have here. We have built a family of people, who do mean much more than their pixel creations to us.
Be kind to one another, even here in SL we need love and peace.