Saturday, February 4, 2017

Spinning my world around!!!

It just started all innocently at the Galicia Art & Cultural Hall as I was finishing up my California Dreaming Exhibit. It never takes us long to figure out what kind of mischief we can get ourselves into.

Our first stop was to try out the fabulous spacecraft Gem Preiz gave me. Flying over the Retreat gave us a totally new look.

And here we are at the Hollywood Airport, so far so good; but that was about to change.I mean we are regular heroes in a way, because we saved a Japanese girl from jumping off a lighthouse. She had lost her plane and it was in the water and had no way of rezzing it. Lucky, we were there to help her out. "どういたしまして"

This does not look so lucky and it really wasn't. The plane was spinning around like the song "You spin me round like a record, baby!" How can a plane just stop in be hanging in mid-air like this? I guess it is second life and it can.

After all that spinning, I needed to lay down. I think next time I pilot the plane. What do you think?