Sunday, March 18, 2018

Spring Break on the Horizon

Although I still have a few weeks before Spring Break, I am thinking of taking a short trip somewhere in real life. Now, I question myself why they call it Spring Break? Who came up with that term and what does it mean?
In the old days there was Palm Springs when you drove up and down Palm Canyon Drive which took you hours because of the traffic. You would see tons of people with barely anything on. It was not a good image for this town at all and then when the former mayor Sono Bono put a hold on it and stopped the madness, the wild and crazy people stopped coming. Whew!!!

Then there is San Diego on the warm California Coastline. It’s going to be a Toh-tally tubular time! "Fer shurrr!" San Diego has tons of things to offer and not just for the College crowd, but there is something for everybody. I like the gas-lamp quarters with all the restaurants and jazz and blues clubs. You will find plenty of music and food here.

So, whatever it is you are gonna do for Spring Break, get out there and do something. Oh wait, I forgot you all don't get a Spring Break. Oh well, I will post pictures and write about it, it will be like you have been there. Fer Shurrr.