Friday, March 22, 2013

Vintage Vinyl Records

We tried out our luck at Vintage Vinyl Records, a new sim that offers a few interesting things. I know Micheal was happy to play his lottery numbers finally.

We felt kinda out of place here being dressed in our Country Western Gear. The music here is here is not Country and also not Vintage at all. Not sure what you can call it, maybe some Grunge type melodies.

The setting is nice I suppose and it is worth your time to check out the hidden upstairs room in the library. Beware of the naughty chairs and the books, because they may hypnotize you and you will do what the master says and wants.

Take a walk down the sleepy main street. Want to follow the creak of old metal to the airplane hanger? Follow the smell of fossilized grease to the cafe? Or just hang out in the cafe, find a corner to and sift through piles of old records. Maybe get to hear some amazing music? No rules, no restrictions, just a place to enjoy.