Sunday, February 22, 2015

Underwater Rescue!!!

About two nautical miles under the blue ocean floor I came across him once again. This time it looked like he needed help. I always wondered about what was up with him standing on an island for hours day and night. Maybe he thought he was a Lighthouse to warn the so many ships who come and take a break here.  

But this time he was in deep water surrounded by fish. He did tell me once that he lived in a pineapple like "Sponge-bob", however I do believe when you are that far down you may lose some of your mind for a short period of time. Do they have pineapples under the sea?

I need to remember when I go sailing to pack up diving gear. All I had was an air tank and a mask and lucky for Mr. Sponge Bob, a snorkel. So, of course I jumped in, took his hand and pulled him up to the surface. You won't believe how heavy a man is, even under water. I think his combat boots are ruined, so hopefully he has enough Lindens to get some new ones. I suggest stay out of the water with leather boots.

Happy Sailing !!! I am sure I will see him on the same spot, same time again. I will be better prepared this time.