Monday, February 23, 2015

From Hollywood Airport to the SS Galaxy

The fun thing in SL Sailing is that you can go pretty far. Today I tried to sail from the Hollywood Airport 

(Hollywood Airport (SLHA) is a popular public airport in Second Life. Located strategically on the edge of the Blake Sea, the airport buzzes with activity. It is a wonderful place to just hang out and watch the planes come and go. More than ten commercial airlines operate flights out of SLHA. Scores of flights (sometimes more than 100) using all manner of aircraft take place to and from SLHA on a daily basis. Come fly to the airport and walk next door or take the monorail to enjoy the excitement of Hollywood sim)

 to the super large Ship called SS Galaxy

(This enormous, full-featured cruise ship spans three sims and offers an array of activities, including shopping, dancing, and music. Just like a real life cruise, you can also rent the staterooms and suites.)