Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Would you join in the best day of my life?

Had we but world enough, and time, my coyness, lady, were no crime; I would sit down and think which way was best, both in act and to say.

Ten thousand years would pass us by 'til any words would dare say I, and ten more on top before I dared to kneel to you, my soul bared.

But lady, hear the minutes pass; the clocks of Fate may tick their last. My love must needs be plainly shown as now it buds out, fully grown (And if I tarried any longer your patience might find others stronger).

So, my love, here I kneel and ask of you with fervent zeal: Would you join in the best day of my life- the day you choose to be my wedded wife?
picture by the Willows

So the funniest thing that happened at the Willows was when this was suddenly said:

[20:59] Zeek: in fact baby .. will you accept this ring?
[20:59] Gavin : Daisey, Violet is lost in her closet
[20:59] Anjelikka: OMG
[20:59] Zeek: omg?
[20:59] Gavin: Wait, Did Zeek just propose??
[20:59] Faleen : hold up...
[20:59] Faleen : LOL
[20:59] Zeek: I swear i didnt bring a gun
[20:59] Daisey: LOOKS LIKE IT!!
[21:00] Di: Talk about chat lag lol
[21:00] Faleen: *waits*
[21:00] Anjelikka: everybody stop....
[21:00] Zeek: stop?
[21:00] Anjelikka: so i can read this
[21:00] Anjelikka: omg....
[21:00] Zeek: omg?

[21:00] Anjelikka: yes of course Zeek

Oh yes, I think they are still laughing at me saying Wait, stop....LOL
We went to a photo shoot today...