Saturday, May 23, 2015

It’s a small Grid !

There we are, Zeek and me looking at some more land near the ocean. This was the one I found on the world map and as we were looking it over we agree on how pretty it is.

Zeek telling me: “This lot is right next to this island and they have great taste. Look at those rocks and trees; I have them at the ResortL’amour.”

“Oh baby, they love cats. I can see them from here.” I reply. I am thinking, wow those cats look very much like our cats Olivia and Oliver. What a small Grid?

Now as we are scanning around even more, we notice other things that are alike. Finally, Zeek says: “Babe, I think this is our place next door.”

So I swim quickly over there and realize he is right. This is Resort L’amour. Well, I guess you can tell us two belong together in every way. We never laughed so loud and long. I mean really, that is our place next to this lot?

Nice Look-Out :)

Sleeping like a baby.

Maybe it it the Duff Beer, only Zeek would have something like this, lol?

Wait til the wedding, who knows what we do there. I think I will wear my glasses, just to make sure it is Zeek I say I do to.

Stop by and say hello, especially if you happen to come across that lot next to us...LOL

Zeek did such an amazing job on the island, I think others should come over and enjoy this romantic place. Feel free to come, take pictures...