Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Today was my real life birthday and the best part was to be able to spend it with Zeek.

To kiss her
And though I have kissed her
A thousand times a day
I would want to make it millions
And continuous without delay
But she can only smile
Because each kiss is of the heart
And she knows that the kiss is endless
It was this way from the start
But in each little touch
The lips desire more
But what else would they desire
When each is unlike before
And within the deep embrace
The warmth is felt abound
And she must forever feel this
Even when I am not around
For distance is not a problem
Or something to cause a pain
For she knows the next kiss is coming
Again and again and again

I want to thank Desi, Greg and Stacey for coming to the special celebration and for the gifts. You guys are too happy we are friends.