Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Boat Obsession gone Bad!

I truly believe that Zeek was bitten by some bug and he is now obsessed with boats...mostly sailing. 

So we live out at Second Norway which is a beautiful area for sailing and with the biggest airport in Second Life, you could say you have it all.

Zeek was testing out a  speed boat at Dutch Harbor when he foolishly went out of control and yes...he ran into the dock over some very expensive boats.

All he says, let's get out of here babe. We run and flee back into the boat he just bought and think we have a great drive back home to Second Norway. However, some things change and all of a sudden we are being chased by a jet with weapons.

I told him, it is because of the damage left behind, they are after you now. This jet kept following us in the Blake Sea and all the way home.