Saturday, March 12, 2016

Keep Calm and Pole Dance !!!

pictures taken by Moondog
It seems every time I go show up at the Full Monty, the pole comes out. I go there to listen to the music with DJ Heath and to see familiar faces and friends. Most of these people have been at my wedding so I trust them. Right!!!!
Hah, then why do I end up on the pole and Moondog of all people snaps pictures? He even gets cheered on by the audience. I was tricked, I am telling you...tricked!

Anyway, I hope you can make your way out to the Full Monty and its new location. You never know what they do...but you can win some Lindens playing the game.
Oh, and yes I got a 1L$ tip. Yeah!!! My first dollar dancing. This could be my new career...or maybe not.