Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sensational New Beginnings for the Basement Club!!!

It was just confirmed to me that the ONE and ONLY DJ Heath will be LIVE at the Basement Club every Saturday from 6-8PM SLT.

Yes, this is the same time he previously had booked at the Full Monty and for all those Monties out there, do not despair...Heath is coming here to the Basement Club because is followers are so many Mags decided it was best to give up her Club The Full Monty and bring the DJs, hostesses and of course the faithful patrons over to the Basement Club

We know this will be super great for all of us, because nobody can be now turned away due to a full club. 

Of course Heath will be playing his SL famous "What's in the Box?" game for some fabulous L$ prizes. Let's show DJ HEATH how many of you do love him and break down the house.

Staring this Saturday April 2, 2016 6PM SLT

There is more great news and I will share that in the next post...Happy Wednesday!!!

(a little side note: The Basement Club is actually on the old site of the Original Full Monty Club...if you still have that landmark you can use it and look for the shed and teleport down to the Basement...see you there!)