Saturday, September 3, 2016

REZ Day extravaganza X three

What's a Rez Day?
Rez Day parties are events based on an AV's "Born" date as seen in their Profile (which is based on when the user created the avatar) and are analogous to a birthday in real life. The scope and nature of the celebrations vary greatly, just as they do in real life. The term Rez Day came into vogue to distinguish between SL and real life birthday parties.
Generally, once a year, the avatar celebrates their rez day with friends and family at, appropriately, a "rez day party". Usually very similar to birthday parties, the avatar can receive gifts and "cards" (usually notes, but sometimes card-shaped objects with textures, scripts, and other decorations).

Today was my Rez day of being in Second Life for 5 years. Time flies very fast here as well as in Real Life. So, here I am flying to the Rez Day Party that is set up for Carol's 10th Rez Day @ the Basement Club.

DJ Heath was playing some great music for this event with his hostess Desi( who also celebrated her 10th Rez Day). Poor Carol was stuck behind some real life tech difficulties and did not arrive right away. She is a lucky lady to have Moon keeping her updated on what was happening.

Happy Rez Day to all!!! It was a blast for sure...come visit the Basement Club for Saturday and Sunday events!!!