Saturday, September 3, 2016

Viper's Haunted Halloween

When I landed on this place I was already saying wow right I explored and walked up to the Haunted House. I ran into this guy here and his name was Buzzard and he was nothing like his name may predict. In fact, he is the creator of this place called Viper's Haunted Halloween and you must see this.
This great place is now open and will be throughout October just in time for Halloween.

I was really lucky to have run into Buzzard because he gave me the grand tour of the place. There is so much more to see than just the haunted house with all the creepy spirits in there. My advice is to walk around outside and see everything. You will find more buildings, cemetery and a cave.

Buzzard told me that this is his third year to build the haunted sim and each year it gets better and bigger. If you love Halloween and want to get scared there is something here for everybody. Look around each corner and really explore.

Not sure if the grim reaper or Buzzard was scaring me here? LOL, just kidding it was all safe. Make sure you tell him that Anjelikka send you, he will know :)
Below are some more pictures...and oh do not forget to get on the scary ride. You will love the place, a perfect place to get some photoshoots for Halloween ready.