Sunday, November 30, 2014

I wonder as I wander SL

Sometimes I wonder who sits behind that avatar. Are they like me? What kind of life do they live and why are they here in Second Life?

I try to give everybody the respect they deserve, because after all there is a real person behind all of it. Not all are creeps, at least I don't think so. It would be sad to think that the entire platform just harbors weirdos. I have seen the creative art and was amazed from the first day I logged on and how beautiful it is. I have seen and felt how you can all of a sudden spend hours here in Second Life and forget what time it is. Time stands still in a way. 

I have felt the love and admiration of a person who seemed so perfect in many ways and then after an eternity just ends it all. The pain is real, but I promise you get over it. Just like in real life your heart mends and moves on.

If you want to survive Second Life you have to absolutely make it fun and enjoyable. For example, I was doing a little photo shoot and this guy named Mr. Fox just sat right in the middle of the scene. Rather than getting pissed off at him, I just incorporated him into my picture.

Not sure why he sat around and

Mr. Fox even had a wife and she at one point popped on with her BIG tummy and then disappeared again. Too funny, because I did not want to be caught in any drama here.

Who are these people...the ones who dress up as a child or animal? 
One great feature in Second Life is that you can block people and delete them from your list of friends. I had to do this quite often when people get a bit weird and want to talk about stuff I am really not into. Like last night some guy wanted that I call him Sir, because he felt he enjoys this very much. That is fine, but I call people Sir only if they have that title or perhaps are in the military. POOF and you can teleport yourself away.