Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's all about that "space"...

Since we just had a beautiful Lunar eclipse, I decided to make my rounds in Second Life and find some Cosmic places to see.

Ok,here we go :

1. Planetarium Dome

Ready to chill out on the Galilean Moons of Jupiter? Watch amazing pictures from space while doing yoga within this 3D planetarium dome.

2. Star Journey and the Stars Dance Club
Unleash your own power! Play and explore in virtual world version of Star Journey Symbol Method. Interactive Symbols lead to valuable personal insights and inspiration. Enjoy ...
The Dance Club is gorgeous and a must viewed in midnight.

3. Stonehenge outer space park
Stonehenge in space? Fly up high to visit and experience this new twist on one of the most famous monuments in the world.
This was fun! Don't forget to take a ride on the meteor. There is also the Toronto Tower which has links to see the Virtual Toronto.

4. The Space Elevator at Bowness Island
A cool elevator that takes you into space.

Alright, time to fly out of here since the sun is coming up...who wants to come with me on the next journey?