Saturday, April 18, 2015

Roundtrip from Prata Airport to Second Norway Lufthavn, part 2

Finally on board the Embraer Phonom 300 and flying over the open seas to the Second Norway Lufthavn.

Picture by AndyTGD

Herr Kranfel announced that we have 3 minutes of fuel left, however we were still about 5 sims away from landing. What? Who would fly a long distance route without fueling first? At this point I start to wonder, who is this pilot?
But hurrah, we made it on the fumes just in time and it was great to be on the ground again.

If you want to read all about Second Norway Lufthavn just click on the link. It has some amazing photographs and a ton of information. In fact if you love aviation, it has everything you want to know about Second Life Aviation.

The nice pilot "Christian" from Bull Air Airlines offered us to take a trip on their plane, but we were heading back to Prata Airport after a short stay here. And that's no Bull.

A smooth flight and we are back in the tropical forest at Lago de Prato. 

You would think the adventure ends here, but no it does not. Herr Kranfel wanted to also show off his sailing skills and believe it or not you can sail from this airport to the Blake Sea and all the destinations connected from there.

For some reason we did not get far and ended up at the Sailors Cove South in the Cooper Creek Wilderness. This is also a beautiful place to explore, you have to see it and visit this place soon.

The trip ended here...and oh what a hero saving me from the croc OR is he feeding me to that hungry beast?