Sunday, April 26, 2015

St Martin Airfield (SLSM)

It was a lovely afternoon to fly from Lago de Prata Airport to the small and charming destination of St. Martin Airfield.

Of course I had to negotiate again the price for this flight with Herr Kranfel. I think he settled after a few kisses and finally said " Ich nimm' Dich mit".

Just to make sure that Herr Kranfel would not run out of fuel again like the last time; I decided to try out my wings and help a little with the flying. 
photo by Herr Kranfel

We did make it there in one piece.Whew!

St. Martin Airfield is a single-runway island airfield. You can read more about this here at Wikia. I hope you stop by this airport real soon and enjoy the beautiful sunset that you can see from the cafe and lounge.

I need to find some more methods of paying for new flight adventures with Herr Kranfel. I wonder if he takes chocolate as a payment? Hmmmmm....