Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tales of my brother, part 1

It all started with Zeek reading me the book Tales of my brother, which is a collection of stories about the famous Vincenzo Galicia (also known as Vinny). Now Vinny is not exactly the guy you want to meet by any means, because his shady business transactions always leave some destruction and despair behind.
Vinny is Zeek's brother.

Zeek and myself just wanted some quiet moments together and discuss our wedding plans when something unexpected happened.

Some guy was in our bedroom and was watching us. What the &%*^ ?
The nerves some people have is unbelievable. 

Well we quickly found out this was not any noob who landed their foot on the Retreat, this guy had a message.

" Hi, I'm Cullen, I am Vinny's son. My Dad does not want anything to do with me because he thinks I am a disgrace to the family name of Galicia. I am here to see you Zeek, my uncle to help me."

What? Did I really hear this right, as I look to Zeek.

Well now we just have to investigate who Cullen really is? 

....To be continued