Friday, June 26, 2015

Flying Lessons 3

As you may recall, I was taking some flying lessons with my instructor Herr Kranfel. The newest plane of the KenAir fleet was waiting at St. Martin Airfield.

This shouldn't be that bad, looks like a small plane.

Looks much bigger inside. Yes, very spacious indeed.

And off we go and we are up in the air. The Herr Kranfel decided to just hand over the controls to me, so I can learn how to fly this new plane. I mean just like this without even a practice flight?

He said, the controls are basically the same as the plane you already have flown. So, go for it.

Does it suppose to fly upside down like this? I think I am in trouble here. How do these controls work again?
Needless to say Herr Kranfel had to take over several times or we would have crashed into the cold Blake Sea.