Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tales of my brother, part 2

We finally decided to take a relaxing bath after working very hard on the Maison de l'amour (stay tuned for that one, it will be a beautiful ocean escape for honeymooners).

I could not believe my eyes and thought maybe some soap was blocking my clear view, but no. I know what I saw...It was Cullen, Vinny's son in the mirror. Take a closer look you will see him too.

We quickly got dressed and teleported to the secret home we have to hide from Vinny.

To our dismay there was Cullen sitting in a chair in front of the home and asked: " Uncle Zeek, where is the money?"

Zeek:"What money?" Cullen replied:" You know, the money my father left for me to use once I am 18. Since I am almost of age, I am here to collect it or I might just have to stop by Vinny's Club and see if I can collect it there."

He said all of this with a grin on his face, so yes he is Vinny's son alright up to no good.