Sunday, January 17, 2016

"A merry yarn"

Oh, it is always a good story that you can find here at the Full Monty pub and nightclub. Just last week I was tricked into dancing on that thing called "pole" and "arrrr shocked to the very boney" I did it again. I know it was the diet coke that was laced with that pirate rum someone has been bootlegging behind the bar.

I wasn't alone on that pole because the lovely Carol, who just gave birth not too long ago and of course is as fit as always. Good thing her husband Moon was not around to see this. So Carol says: "Oh Moon would be so proud!", and blow me down he poofs right in. You never know in Second Life and at the Full Monty what can happen. And no Nor what happens at the Full Monty does not stay there but appears right here, sawey?
picture by Mags
Does Mags have even a liquor license for this establishment?
All that pirate talk inspired the patrons to hold a Pirate Day. So do not miss it because being dressed as a pirate and wench can be as tasty as Salgamundi to ye mateys.

Don't forget to show up Friday Night with DJ Loren and hostess Gabby 6-8 PM SLT for some great music and laughter. Trust me we laughed at the pooping cow. It should be all cleaned up by Friday.