Friday, January 8, 2016

"I give you my heart" hunt 2016

Again this year the Retreat will offer its annual " I give you my heart" hunt. Look for 10 red hearts around the Retreat's garden and collect some cute goodies. 

Make sure you go all the way to the back of this parcel, because you may find some of the goodies there too.

Starts February 1st through 29th, 2016

UPDATE: Jan 30, 2016 I have placed all the hearts, so they are ready now...enjoy

Visit the NEW Retreat's Treasures and More Gacha Store while you are there or just relax in the garden or the Chateau.

The Retreat is always open to everybody, please enjoy.
The store is located at the end of the Retreat across the Full Monty Nightclub. You can use the teleport at the pavilion after you enter the front gate.