Saturday, January 30, 2016

Illusionist vs. liar

Sometimes I am shocked how people who claim to be friends become straight out liars and pretend to be illusionists. Trust me there is nothing that I despise more than those who lie. Of course it is so very easy in Second Life to lie about just about anything you want. People do this on a daily basis. I wonder what brings them to this frame of mind. I studied for years the development of humans and their psyche and still don't understand what makes that mind tick tock to the clock. 

Don't get me wrong we all live a fantasy life of what we would love to have in Second Life and there is nothing wrong with this at all. As a matter of fact it is quiet healthy. Your imagination can be a very powerful resource in relieving stress, pain, and other unwanted symptoms.I know this for a fact working on my own anxiety and fear while I use Second Life as an outlet for that.

The big problem with lying is that it becomes an addiction. When you get away with a lie it often drives you to continue your deceptions, and in the process, we ruin relationships, hurt others, lose our integrity, and lose our peace. Truth becomes a feared enemy of the liar. It’s a sick and tragic cycle that doesn’t ever have a happy ending.
So therefore, use your imagination to create the world of fantasy and desires but be honest to yourself and others. If you lie in Second Life you also lie in Real Life and sooner or later it will all catch up with you. Trust me it does.

Oh and yes I am not riding a horse in this picture, it is an illusion :)