Thursday, October 6, 2016

Are Men Better Drivers Than Women? Come test drive....

Well, let's see and think about this first before we make any judgements...

Men, first of all,  take much bigger risks than women do. It is a proven fact that men want to show off their masculinity while driving. They make turns when it is not safe and they love speed.

However, men do have a better knowledge of the car in itself. They understand the machine and yes they name their cars.

But then again, in real life, I have named my cars. This means women are catching up to men in the business with cars. I find that women are more likely to text while driving, so that is not a good thing at all. Come on ladies, it can wait!!!

Want to test drive this car?
Come and vsit Evre:

LEA27 - EVRE - Sept 5 - Dec 31, 2016