Tuesday, October 18, 2016


A moment in time

just a little fragment of eternity
yet as significant
as the birth of a child
is a day spend with you.
You turn sadness into
chocolate mousse
with raspberry sauce.
I guess we should never take for granted the minutes and hours someone spends with us. So what does that mean "take for granted" ? Let us look at this a bit closer.
The dictionary says : 
take somebody for granted
"to not show that you are grateful to someone for helping you or that you are happy they are with you, often because they have helped you or been with you so often.
One of the problems with relationships is that after a while you begin to take each other for granted."

I am happy to say that we have never taken each other for granted. There isn't a day I wouldn't want to be with him. In fact, if there was an extra day I would spend it with him too.
Make every day special and always tell each other that the time you spend with them was wonderful, because it was.