Saturday, October 8, 2016

Halloween at the Retreat !!!

Halloween has arrived at the Retreat and the rain is pouring down. 
The little pumpkin hunt is also ready for you to go and explore. Find 10 hidden pumpkins in the rain throughout the Retreat. 

Go and see the video here :)

Beware of creatures that might suddenly appear. You never know where they are hiding. Turn your sound up and have the recommended wind light setting, so you can enjoy all the features.
There is a spaceship near the Galicia Art & Cultural Hall to guide you into the gallery for some spectacular Halloween art by Jack. It is a true masterpiece and a must see.
Stop by today, the rain and Halloween will only last until October 31, 2016

All shows at the Basement this month are on the upper level so you can enjoy the rain and ghostly activities.