Sunday, November 20, 2016

Intergalactic space party

You never know what happens at the Basement Club on a Sunday Night, but it can get pretty crazy. Try it sometime.

We took the Basement Club into outer space to a journey far beyond the stars.

"You are not my father! Identify yourself, Intruder!!!" I call out and point my laser gun at him. Turned out it was only Heath in his Vader suit. He almost fooled me. "Why is he breathing so loud?"

All Clear!!! The planets are aligned and we are off to the musical cosmos.
After my set, it was time to relax at the Cosmo Cafe on one of the galactic sims in second life. The coffee here tastes out of this really does.
"Look at all the stars or are those sims?" Think about it if you ever looked at the map for Second Life, it contains many many and more many sims. It does remind me of the stars we see at night.
"Ready to blast home? Here we go 3-2-1 BLAST OFF!!!!"
See you next time at the Basement Club!!!!
Saturdays with DJ HEATH 6-8PM SLT upper level
Sunday with DJ LIKKA 6-8 PM SLT downstairs