Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What's the secret of our relationship?

When you think of the term of a long-term relationship in second life you may think that never lasts. Although it may be true that some do not last, but there are plenty who do. There are some fundamental rules you have to follow even here in second life.

These rules are very crucial to make the relationship work. We learn from our mistakes and we should have taken notes because those relationships did not work due to the fact that the rules were ignored.

Number 1 rule is to talk, talk and talk. Speak your mind and let the person know what you like and dislike. Communication is such a vital thing to any relationship and the other side of it is to listen. You must listen with an open mind. Do not judge, just listen. After all, you made a commitment to each other, right?

Sometimes we do nothing but to just talk about things. Everything, whatever comes into our minds. 

Never ever blame the other person for anything. This is not your job, it would be judging and we already made that a rule that we do not judge. Be affectionate! Touch, kiss and cuddle when you can and as often as you can. This has no age restriction, so do it til your nineties and more. Second Life has the most romantic places to go for that or just create your own.

Most of all you have to laugh. Laugh at your own mistakes and then laugh together. Life can be too serious and when you are serious all the time it becomes a grey cloud over you. That does not mean you just laugh at the relationship, no not at all. Relationships are serious business, but you can do this.

Tell and I mean tell each other that you love love love them. We all need to be loved, we all want to be loved and we all deserve to be loved. So do it!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!