Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Do you dream in color?

Perhaps not all dreams are in color, but as far as I know the majority is. And it really should be so, because colors mean so many things and have this common experience between cultures. Colors not only please the eyes, they also please the mind. 

The neon glow of the city Ashemi helps you experience the enchanted gardens in a somewhat dream-like setting. I would highly recommend and go visit the place and enjoy the music too.

There are lucid dreams in where you know you are dreaming and you can somehow direct the scene. I like these dreams because they make it very real. 

And no, I had nothing with these men who were obviously gathering some street girls for some fun times. Ha, in a lucid dream I can run away from this really fast.

So, tonight when I lay down to dream, I will tell myself exactly what I want to dream. It will be in color and it will be enchanting.

Stay tuned on this, because it will be great :)Get yourself prepared and dream your dream.