Sunday, January 29, 2017

From pee, poop and body hair all here at the Basement Club!!!

You bring a bunch of people together to listen to music, you never know where the conversation goes. No exception here at the Basement Club on a Saturday Night.

I found out that in certain States in the Southern parts of the United States, people take pride peeing outside. Well, I hope you wiggle or tap tap tap good enough to put on your skivvies. Not sure why but maybe there is a lack of lavatories there. Who knew? Or is it just a man thing? Of course, you know I do my research on this and have to report that. I find that in some States of this fabulous country there is a water shortage and peeing outside may save a few gallons here and there on the water. Last time I checked there were not that many Californians who peed outside, but then again it is a big State and I cannot ask everybody. 

I do not even want to discuss the poop part of the conversation, but there were some talks about broccoli causing some kind of bloating discomforts. In the google research, it states: Human beings lack the enzyme to break down raffinose, which means it doesn't get broken down in the small intestine. Instead, raffinose gets passed down to the large intestine where bacteria attempt to break it down as much as possible.

Good thing we got that all out of the way, now to the body hair of the discussion. Our very own DJ Heath confessed to us all that he has back hair. You know that we want to see it, you just know it. I think sometimes we should just let our imagination go and not ask for the real truth and evidence, because what we had to witness was, well not a pretty sight.

Take it from me men...women DO NOT like hairy men. They just don't. Not even in Second Life!!!

If you want to come and visit the Basement Club, please do...Live DJs Saturday and Sunday Nights 6-8 PM SLT.
I may have to ban hairy men. So be aware of that!!!!