Monday, January 16, 2017

Sweater Talk!!!

What's it with a sweater? Mr. Rogers wore one every day and had different colors, they were his trademark.

Here we have DJ Dandy wearing his sweater at the PJ and Lingerie party at the Club. Where do sweaters come from I often asked myself, so I did some research!

Sweaters were knitted by wives (not sure if mistresses did this as well) of fishermen who needed to stay dry and warm. The oil in the wool helped with that and kept their hardworking men warm. Amazing what women will do for their men.

However, Dandy claims that Greg had knitted this sweater for him. I have heard that some men have taken on knitting as a relaxing activity while watching football. I just cannot picture Greg sitting there all still knitting one row at a time while his football team scores. Exactly! You see what could happen, right?

Carry on men, wear those sweaters, they can be stylish and cool.

If you have a sweater you want to show off, please leave a picture in the comments....let's talk sweater!!!!