Sunday, January 14, 2018

Come in your underwear....

...I think there are many names for your underwear. I found quite a few for what men might call their underwear: Shorts, Trolleys, Grundy's, Scants ,Skivvies, Sausage Skins, Keck's, Underoo's, Manties, Truncheon holder. This gave me a brilliant idea, kinda an devilish plan, but oh well...a dinosaur told me to do it.

The dinosaur told me to do it
So, here we all were as I was DJing on a Sunday night at the Basement Club waiting for Travis Train to arrive ( Travis is actually the name Greg, it kind of evolved into a guessing game about what time he would arrive. Who says we only have to play music to entertain the people, right?

Since Greg was not online yet, I send him a little instant message and told him: Hey Babe wear your underwear tonight at the Basement because that is the theme. (I will be in so much trouble, but oh well the laughs will be endless.)

Here is a little side note about wearing underwear and not going commando  how many times have you tried to shake your willy dry but still have a few drops in your drawers? You might’ve lost count already. There are many ways to avoid having this accident but men still suffer from it. It will get worse with age. To avoid unwittingly staining your front, always wear underwear.

But back to the story, so there is Greg logged on and he replies: I don't have any underwear. I tell him well wear something like trunks or briefs...He replies, well I have a towel. I smile: PERFECT :)

Now of course, we are all dressed in our party clothes and wait patiently for his arrival. And then there he is standing there in his of all colors "pink" towel. 

What, why am I the only one wearing this?
As he finally rezzed in, he quickly realizes he has been had as he calls it. All I can do is laugh and laugh.

So of course he now questions this entire stunt and wants to know who is behind it. Who set this up?

Who did this? It was Likka, wasn't it?
So, now Greg is planning a revenge on poor innocent me.
...and his brain is already thinking of something.