Monday, January 22, 2018

Pet Therapy

We had a fantastic turn-out at our "Bring your Pet to the set " theme at the Basement Club lower level.
the crazy cat lady
If you never been to the Basement Club, you might want to come by on any Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the PM hours. We are a different kinda club without drama or pressure to become a member or tipster. You do get some benefits from being a member, which is to get notified when we have our next great event.

one of these cats is not like the other
Pets are very soothing to people and they are therapy. The therapeutic use of pets as companions is also becoming more common. Known as pet therapy or animal-assisted therapy (AAT), relationships with animals are encouraged and integrated into the care plan. When ownership is not possible, service companies and volunteer organizations bring animals to the seniors on a regular basis.

Dandy was a good "cat" with a pet rat
Cats can be wonderful companions, but before you get a cat, make sure you are willing to make the commitment to provide your cat with the necessities, and you will not mind adapting your life a little bit to accommodate your new feline family member.
Let's see if we can lure Greg into the cage. Some pets are wild and need a little discipline. 

If you missed this set of " Bring your pet to the set" then you are in  luck because DJ Dandy and Likka will bring it back On Monday January 29 from 8-10 PM SLT at the Club . Don't miss it.