Saturday, January 20, 2018

Don't fall for these kind of people...

I am no angel and I never claimed to be one, but I do feel I am good...

The reason why I bring this up is because I recently DJed at a club and it was during the week in the evening when you expect the crowd to be less than the "Gravy-Train" time and one person in the audience typed: "Oh you got to be good to have followers".

I am not sure how to take the comment but let me explain my idea of being good. First of all there are 100s of DJs in SL for all genre of music and some are good and some are, well there.

Any fool can play songs from a playlist they saved and then shuffle it and play it again and again and again...boring. There is no talent in that at all. I never save playlists. I create a new list every single time I DJ, because I feel I play music not just songs.

Sure that take a little longer to create and you actually have to think about what songs you are going to play instead of loading a playlist that is ready to go.

Another thing is tips...of course you want a little something for the effort and the time you committed for the set you played, but it is not really all about that. I feel if people really enjoyed themselves and it brought them a smile, I'd rather have just 2 or 3 people there instead of a room of 30, who may really not want to be there in the first place, but feel obligated to the DJ to tip and be present. I call these DJs manipulators. They have the constant urge to control people.

They are an emotional black hole. Whatever emotional manipulators are feeling, they’re geniuses at sucking everyone around them into those emotions. If they’re in a bad mood, everyone around them knows it. But that’s not the worst part: they’re so skillful that, not only is everyone aware of their mood, they feel it too. This creates a tendency for people to feel responsible for the manipulator’s moods and obliged to fix them.

Remember: nobody can manipulate you without your consent and cooperation.