Monday, August 6, 2018


I hope you will get a chance to come and see my new exhibit at Galicia Art & Cultural Hall

The exhibit features watercolor and ink drawings by me imported into Second Life for your enjoyment.

While there pick up a free gift as well.

See him there

Somebody once said you could be in love with anyone
so choose the thread carefully for the linen homespun.
Some are shy and in the dark hours of affliction
plight drowns them in fears and of silent friction.
Standstill! A moment in time and wait for the clouds
for it will be worthwile to drift over tree boughs.
See him there, the man with ears all pronged?

Sitting on a throne of crates where he so belonged.
Mysterious and witty, he is no ordinary man,
does he suspect I may be his hold in awe fan?
Many times I wondered if I cross his mind
as I avoid to speak hello in fear to be declined.
Show me a sign when the world falls apart
and a new journey of awareness can start.

Anjelikka 2018