Thursday, July 30, 2015

Friends and a Wedding Rehearsal!

I had to ask Vinny, my brother-in-law for a sum of money to rebuild for a special occasion the old Chapel at the Retreat. He was reluctant at first  and asked me all these questions. You can never get a simple yes or no from him, but he has a soft heart and finally turned around and said: " here you go sweet thing".

We have the sweetest friends who come and hang around with us when we want company. We are so excited that they are going to be married soon. 

They understand you.
They accept you.
They make fun of you. 
They compliment you.
They are thankful for you.
They love you.
They are your friends.

We had fun at the rehearsal figuring it all out how it suppose to work.You guys can do this, it will be great.