Sunday, October 4, 2015

Galicia Spine-Chilling Halloween Hunt...

Welcome to what was formally called La Famille Dubose Échapper.
The many relations of the family held this island over a century until it was purchased recently by the La Famiglia Galicia. As you will discover while performing your hunt, the island has many occupants and because of those occupants the current owners decided to leave it inhabitants at peace.  We hope you enjoy your stay and good luck with the hunt.

Throughout the 1920's and 30's Madam Dubose turned the estate into a resort. The exclusive would enjoy drink, dance and the company of young men and women.  Inside the home you might notice Madam Dubose, some past patrons, a possible young mother and her daughter all who are wondering the building. BTW try your luck at the seance table, maybe you will discover what brings you to the island besides the hunt.

The Cemetery holds many individuals who took different paths in life, be careful while exploring, you might wake someone.

Over time the island has become home to some interesting "non Dubose" family members.  Please be careful they don't like strangers. 

On your journey you might want to say "Hi" to the scarecrow or is it really a scarecrow.

Good luck on the hunt, your hosts La Famiglia Galicia.

Come and explore the swamp, house, cemetery, and lighthouse. You never know what might be hiding behind the door.

Look for 10 glowing pumpkins with some fabulous Halloween Tattoos by Gab's Creations  and some other goodies.

500L$ First Place
200L$ Second Place
100L$ Third Place

The rules:
Take a picture at the Galicia Halloween Hunt.Be Creative, wear a costume...
Submit your Picture to Anjelikka 
Contest starts October 7th through October 31, 2015
Winner will be announced 
November 3, 2015

All Winners will get their picture displayed at the Galicia Art & Cultural Hall.
Good Luck