Saturday, October 10, 2015

Halloween is here. Don't miss these great places!!!

It is really good news to see the Retreat and Galicia Spine-Chilling Halloween Hunt being featured on the Destination Guide at the same time. 
Dance with the ghosts :)

Come dance with the ghosts and pick up some fabulous prizes in the hunt at the Galicia Halloween Hunt. Watch out for the ghosts and Creatures wondering around. Look around, there are many hidden treasures. Enjoy.
Don't forget to enter the Halloween Picture Contest for some awesome prizes. Snap some pics here and submit them to Anjelikka....good luck!!!
Don't talk to Chatty
Here at the Retreat you can relax but also look for the special Expose yourself to Art Hunt. The entire Retreat is open to the public, except the Rental area. 
Don't forget to visit the new club Mags has created...follow the path to the back of the Retreat and you will see The Full Monty.
Live DJs every Friday and Saturday.

Outside the Full Monty