Friday, October 23, 2015

With you....I feel safe!

Well we were just siting there at our home near the Second Norway Lufthavn thinking of some adventures we should take on. 
Then it hit us, why not fly from the airport to another? Sounds fun, right? 
Kenair has the Embraer Phenom 300, a light twin-engine jet aircraft and I remember Zeekeee sending me this aircraft some time ago when I was taking flying lessons.
We were even thinking to rent a hangar at the airport but it was taken away by some hangar hunter.

You would think I could fly this plane, but it took us some time to figure out the control panel. Needless to say we took off I wanted to land at the Hollywood airport, but was unsuccessful, LOL.
So, heading back to where we started from and Zeek took the controls and let's say we flew maybe 4 or was it 5 times over the airport and either got stuck in the cement or ended in the water.
 Here is how we ended our flight.

Note to myself: practice, practice, practice