Sunday, October 11, 2015

Explore Route 12 !!!

Route 12 is found in the continent of Nautilus and the Retreat is right off this route. I decided to take my lovely pink car and explore and it was worth the trip.

First stop at the gas station in Rennveig. Watch out for the hidden cop car there. They will stop you if you are going over the speed limit.

Hey...move out of the way. First it was the bus and now this truck. Be careful on this road.

Along the way I also found a cool gacha store, you can't pass that up. I am giving the items I found as a gift to my brother-in-law Vinny for his new pad.

Found this cute chapel not too far from the Retreat. We are getting close now.

And there it is...the Retreat behind the big wall. Come and visit today and find Fall has arrived as well as some spirits.

Yeah, I made it back before it got too dark.
Happy Driving!!!