Monday, July 4, 2016

Cookin' up some Rumors!!!

There are so many things to say about rumors. We all know that rumors are created by those who hate. They hate life, they hate people , they hate it when someone might be happy and they are not. You know I am right here, because you have met people like this. They LOVE to gossip about others, whether it is true or not. The best advice I can give you is ask the source, ask the person who is involved if the rumor you heard about them is true. A true and honest friend would do that.

Those who spread the rumors are truly fools. They really are. Think about it. What do you know about the person who is spreading those rumors? Are they reliable? Are they part of the issue? Why are they telling you this crap? And here it gets really tricky now....if you are accepting the rumors let me burst your bubble. Those who accept rumors are pure idiots. Yes, I said it. They are nothing but stupid idiots who have no clue what the real truth is.

Cooking up some rumors? Yes...ask me what is up!!!

The pixel world is run by fools who are just as distorted in second life as they are in real life. Don't be one of them !!!