Saturday, July 23, 2016

~Somewhere on the Blake Sea~

It was only "The Miss Behaven" afloat on the Blake Sea on this very calm night. The waves were almost still but you could hear them soothe you like soft jazz. Romantic and sexy all at the same time as the sun was going down in the west.
The only crew on board was us and we took a break from this windless night as we were sitting dead in the water with nowhere to go and no other vessels in sight. No land either, nothing!
What do you do when you are stranded in the middle of the sea? Of course, I got it....Do laundry. What else could you possibly do on the open sea?

I figure at least this way we have clean clothes when we arrive on shore again. I don't think Greg minded that at all. He was eager to get the clothes into the washing machine and he said: " Make sure you set the cycle for extra long." I guess he figured we would be here for awhile.
And that was perfectly fine with me. Besides we could make our own motion in the ocean if you are getting my drift. 

Ahoy Sailors!!!