Monday, July 25, 2016

What is Paradise?

I suppose paradise could mean many things and each time it would look different. Some describe it more as a religious term, but I think it is simply the fairy-tale of unspoiled beauty that surrounds us all. We just have to look for it. It is there, right within us.
The idyllic beach at Crossing Currents is one of those places.
Of course when you are in such a luscious place it absolutely helps to be with someone who is very alluring and loving. I was so lucky to be there with my very best friend. He is so much more than that, he is paradise.

To paradise come; chase your blues away!
Pure pleasure resides at my favorite place.
Where sand and sea sparkle and palm trees sway -
To paradise come. Chase your blues away.
Just play and dance the waves. Stay all day -
Warm breezes and sun caressing your face.
To paradise come; chase your blues away.
Pure pleasure resides at my favorite place!

So if you sum it all up, then paradise means love. Whoever we do love, hold them close to your heart because when you are not feeling that heavenly paradise in the real world then think of these moments when you were in paradise.
Always smile when you go to sleep because it is a guarantee that you will wake up smiling in the morning. All great days start with a smile.