Sunday, July 10, 2016

Taking the leap from “just friends”to actually being in a relationship !!!

Scary? Yes, because you have both been in relationships that failed; and you never know what might happen, or if the risk of losing him as a friend is even worth making him your boyfriend. But, for me it was, and always will be.

I have known Greg for a little more than 2 years now and we both have been on the roller coaster of ups and downs when it comes to relationships in second life.
To this point we have never been a couple, we have been "just friends". Not that we ever thought about more, but we have that utmost respect for each other that we never discussed this " more than friends" scenario.
Just forget the risk, take the fall, if it’s meant to be it’s worth it all.

A best friend loves you and will always love you. They tell you when you’re wrong/right/and look goofy. A best friend will fight with you and laugh with you and go through hell and back for you. When your best friend turns out to be your boyfriend, he does all that while worshiping the ground you walk on, adoring every move you make and getting excited about what the future holds not only for you, but for both of you as a couple. He will love you and teach you how to let him love you. He will crave your smile and your touch and praise you for all the little things. He will love you like no other.

I will hope that our true friends will support us in this new adventure and will feel the joy with us. For those who don't, we wish you well and send you hugs and kisses, because we know you need them.
Our first adventure together in this video :