Monday, May 28, 2018

Come fly away with me

who needs tampons 
and breath mints 
and safety nets
if you're there to cradle my fall?
i'd jump out of a perfectly good airplane
from thousands of feet in the sky
without a parachute
because i know you'll be there
at the bottom
with open arms

...well, not really and it would not be realistic to just jump out of a plane because who would catch me for sure? Exactly. I do want to go fly and escape and see the world and its magical lands filled with colors and aromas.

i watch the little red seat belt sign
flicker off 
the man next to me is asleep
he has a british accent 
and smells like hotel soap
my ears pop
and i look at the clouds
funny how clouds no longer seem
so solid when you get so close to them
(i guess people are like that, too)
a lady in a polyester red blazer
brings me crappy coffee and smiles
i don't think she wants to be here
i smile back
its just me 
hotel soap guy (now snoring loudly)
my notebook
and the clouds
this 53 minute flight
is much too short
and i don't want to come down

Ugh!!! Damn it I was just dreaming all of this up, but please do take me on some kind of trip. That's what you get when you nap in the middle of the day.
Happy Memorial Day!!!!