Friday, May 25, 2018


We so often blame women for being moody and bitchy and to all respect it is not always true. There is such a thing of male periods. The technical term is called IMS or irritable male syndrome. Men of course can get away with this all the time and they just call it being a man. I would say "men"struation is a constant flow of words that mean absolutely nothing because they are like a Motrin making you feel better for a few hours.

Don't say you love me if you don't Don't say that you care Don't say you want me if you won't Cause I don't think that's fair

My "duderus" cramps up every time I hear a lie out of you. So it is also said women in general become moody when they pass a certain age and enter a climacteric period of their life. Have you ever heard about grumpy old men? Exactly, they too experience that crossroad of the moment they realize they are "old". Men also lie about their age. Many will not admit to the "real" number that is especially true in Second Life. Isn't it called a liar? Or do men blame the changes of their body on this too? To me a liar is an informal storyteller and that is putting it in a sweet nice way. I could also say someone who's lost and in denial of all truthespecially their own!

Night and day is passing by I'm sitting here, and wondering why If this the way for you to say goodbye

So, I researched:

male climacteric
[′māl klə′mak·tə·rik]
A condition presumably due to loss of testicular function, associated with an elevated urinary excretion of gonadotropins and symptoms of loss of sexual desire and potency, hot flashes, and vasomotor instability.

Don’t think, “I am getting old” , “there is nothing I can do, etc.” BS. Start thinking in positive terms and realizing that there are hormone treatments, natural therapies, and mind over matter works, if you work at it! Just be honest, stop pretending...I am not willing to just accept the fact that men can blame their behaviors of cheating and lying to the changes in their bodies. 

Well I'm sad but, now I'm strong I'm gonna keepin' moving on And I'm not gonna let this break me down

And let me get this straight I am not bashing men here just the ones who are not honest. You know who you are because you are the ones who will come back and show me what kind of man you are.

A true gentleman will treasure his woman and he does not have the need to flirt with others that will "man"ufacture into mistrust.

I will get to those women ,who engage in coquetry with these weak men who say they are committed to their lady,another time. Flirkers are cheap!!!